Narrative Fiction: Mate's obsession

Mate’s Obsession

My mate is a vampire – the one without those fangs; she’s reluctant of giving up on me. She likes me. She dislikes me. She’s complicated. Her whimsical acts of terror are deliberate showcases of her eyes. It’s true about her: You may like her; you may dislike her; but you cannot ignore her. It’s been quite a while since I’m stuck with her. My life is augmented to be a part of her – whether I like it that way: preposterous and precarious or well, I have no choice. All of my contingency plans to get rid of her bigoted obsessions, have drowned. Bear with me – it started off very calmly. Calmly, as if there’s an awkward silence before a storm. It all began silent and ended silent.
We first met at a coffee house. She was the most beautiful waitress there. Blonde hair, illuminating smile and a cold heart – she had it all, profusely enough to flaunt people around her. My friends were, by the way, regular people there. I was a loner. I was a first timer. She came to us and had a peek through our faces, one by one, and head by head. I was the last one to get noticed. She scanned me, recollected her vision as if she was jotting down something with her eyes into her brain circuitry, and trotted like a gazelle towards the counter, like a traffic light: you look at it, but do not get along. I was pissed off. I hated the way I was precipitated. She didn’t come to serve. Maybe we are not her type. We jumped off onto our plates as we were hungry enough to weigh out decency over biology. I consolidated my thoughts and walked over to the store for the payment. “How much?” I asked. The cashier replied, “Its 550.” She was there. She looked at me with a surgical smile. I blushed. But, I thought, why would she do that? She ignored me like moments ago. I knew she was complicated. I gave a thousand rupee note and left a note. It would read: “Seeing is believing. You are beautiful.” I gestured to the cashier towards her. The cashier abruptly gave her the note, the papered one, as if it was a system there, an indoctrinated axiom understood well enough by everyone there, of course, except us. She saw it, forgot to smile and moved her hand back and forth crumbling the paper only to hand it over towards me. The cashier look at both of us. That was surely an intrusion. It was now clear that I wanted her attention. I wanted trouble. And wishes do come true. I left. We left. I unfolded the crumbled paper with extreme precaution as if it was a torn million dollar bill. She had her phone number in there. She bent over to see us leaving, maybe she had more customers coming in: they were short of sitting tables. Or else, what could it be? Maybe she’s already missing me, I guess. We then met. She came late. She mentioned some undone job she was stuck with. I was happy. We felt in love? But, each time we met, she would apprehend, “I will dissolve you if you leave me.” This was the tenth time she had told me. Weird. The more often she used to bring these words to our date, the more her face would display erratic muscular subtleties. “I now have you. If you leave me, I will dissolve you”, she yelled each time. I romantically would say, “I am ready to be dissolved my love!” These were one of our first “love exchanges”.
Her home was to the east of the vicinity we used to come close in. But, she would always appear from the west. “DADT”, she would throw at me each time. I had, by then known its - Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. But, I had to reply her about everything. I had told her that I loved her literally millions of time, it was appearing as if they were mantras chanted, those that merely made sense. She used to grab my hand tight and would itch my hand with hers, in a way, back and forth and nice and warm, distinctively a gesture of cutting through steel with a knife. I had to talk over the phone for hours, with her. Then, I would sleep over the conversation just to slip over the conversation. She would drop dead her phone down, only for me to discover that she’d call after a minute. One night she came to my house – at a distance couple of feet, on the front yard. She gestured heavily through silent lip shouting: “Do you miss me?” she would tell. It’s telling and not asking, I can tell. She didn’t move an inch until I repeat the same yes over and over again, for consecutively throughout every days of the entire two year period. She was obsessed. With me. She had lost her rationality. I was up with a psycho. I was stuck, nowhere to go. I had no love left in me. I wanted to get rid of her. But, I was scared. What if she kills herself? No. What if she kills me? I started to think of ways which would work its way away from her. One morning she came early to me. She moaned, “Marry me.” I was left speechless. She now not just cared, but she dared. I feebly said, Wh…what? Wh….why so early? We’ve got time. I…I need time. My parents have quite an expec….” No sooner had I finished the last sentence, she ran with a knife towards me. I pushed her to the side. She fell down with her knife. Meanwhile, she had already started unrolling a plastic bottle full of beans like pills which she popped devouring into her mouth yelling, “Die you bitch. What use are you?” I got hold of the bottles and threw them away instantly. I hit her at the back of the neck, caught by her belly and tried to un-pop those meds out from where they would go: I needed to get rid of her by not letting her get rid of me. She threw up. All those small dots soaked in emetic juices stinking like hell, buzzed out. That was a projectile vomit. I carried her to a hospital. I waited up. I felt embarrassed. I felt proud? No person had pulled off such an attempt to finish oneself just to feel me. I felt special and trapped at the same time. How could I leave her? How could I dump her? I was in a storm - a storm which was not moving in any directions but hovering over my head. I gave in. I’d compromise.
I decided to marry her. I think my love would bring her back. She was lonely and lost, loose and looney. Looney because of lack of love. I had decided. I walked over to her room. My chest leaped up as she opened her eyes. She would look at me with love. “I will make things happen right. I will dissolve you! Do not leave me.” She kept weeping. She wrapped me around as if I was something for her to eat. Yet again, I felt cold. We decided to get married. She had all the necessities arranged. She urged me to leave it on her. “I will do justice”, she added - “to our love”. Everything was now going to be happily ever after. We wanted to become happily married ones. I wanted to tell her that I loved her too. It occurred to me that I had never told so, since we met. Actually, she had never given me a chance to do so. Or I had never wondered that I should? Should have I? Anyway, it was the wedding day, finally. We were dressed like heavenly angels. We ate food. We clapped to ourselves. We laughed. And we ended the extravagantly lonely wedding. Nobody was invited. She insisted me on this. I agreed as If I was going to agree everything ever after. She kissed me. I kissed her. And now, it was our wedding night. I did not like surprises. So, I went for protection. It was about 10 in the night. The nearest chemical store was open. They’d serve meds and some more lab stuff. I knew the man. He smiled at me and congratulated me. He handed over the thing to me. I blushed. He added, “She was here too.” I was surprised. “You mean who?’ I questioned. “Your wife – she was here. Are you cleaning tonight? I mean she bought a heck lot of acidic supplies. She was saying something about dissolving or what!” Blood rested on my face. It ran as if it was being chased. I nearly passed out. My feet trembled. She was going to dissolve me tonight.
“It’s a good script”, the producer explicated. I had taken an hour to read the script of the movie that I had written to Mr. Smith, the director whom my meeting was arranged with. He liked it. It was his taste – horror and suspense. He pointed out some flaws, as he always does. He is anecdotal. There’s no a priori argument that I can win with Mr. Smith. I left his house. I usually do it immediately enough not to wait till he whines about the last issues we had and the heck of an effort that was required to fix it through – which did not end up well.
I by now, am a confident writer to begin with it. I write movie scripts. I am very lucky to have worked with such a renowned director. He even gave me an opportunity to name this movie. When I reached home, I looked up in the internet to juggle through a series of titles for my movie script. “The betrayal”, “Wounded her”, “The weird mate”, “The obsessed mate” and the next and next and the other – I was going through them all. I uttered each of these words restlessly and fumbled deliberately over their pronunciations. I spoke and uttered and shouted out the names explicably.  Then, I ended up with one. I named it, “Mate’s Obsession”. Then, I was silent.


Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a fingerprint analysis that allegedly claims that it can ‘predict’ what profession one should choose in order to succeed. DMIT is the new buzzword in town, which has amalgamated scientific study of fingerprints with personality prediction. Almost everyone is talking about it these days. It has become increasingly popular in the East Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, India and Nepal. So, have you DMITed your kid? If not; well, that’s good news. It is a bogus falsified propaganda that is backed by no scientific evidence.

Dermatoglyphics (from Latin derma: skin and glyph: carving), is the scientific analysis of fingerprints. It is associated with the branches of science like embryology, genetics, forensics, neurology, etc. It is used extensively to distinguish normal brain functioning from disorders like schizophrenia, Down’s syndrome, etc. Originally, fingerprints were firstly worked upon by Sir Francis Galton. But, Dr. Harold Cummins coined the term and introduced scientific fingerprint analysis in America for the first time. Fingerprints start to form as early as during the 10th week of gestation. But, their proper development occurs from 13th to 19th week. The neocortex of our brain, which is responsible for higher functions like intelligence – starts developing at the same stage too.

Multiple intelligence is, too, a scientific theory that was propounded by Prof. Dr. Howard Gardner, of Harvard University. He argues that the intellectual abilities of a person or a child can be distinguished into nine types namely: linguistic, mathematical/logical, visual, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and existential. This is in contrast with the old idea that a person has just three abilities of learning: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. The presence of multiple personalities, according to him, is in all human beings but in different proportions. In daily life, the personality traits are reflected as hobby, aim, satisfaction, ego, interest and gratification. For instance: a child having musical intelligence tends to love music at an early age.

However, DMIT is the commercial spin-off word for 'test of multiple intelligence by studying fingerprints'. It asserts that finger print carvings are the reflections of intelligence in people. This idea of incorporating finger print study with multiple intelligence was first unrolled in Singapore by a couple and their Chinese counterpart, in the early 90s. They combined Howard's theory to generate a pattern, and then they incorporated that into a software to be able to be used commercially. Till date, the name ‘DMIT’ has spread just to Asian countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Nepal; but somewhat less heard of in UK, Australia, USA and other western countries. DMIT claims to discover the innate or in-born characteristics  of a person with an accuracy of 99.5%. The discrete distribution of proportion of multiple intelligence also, as it claims, is accessible. While learning styles: visual, auditory or kinesthetic have yet to ring scientific bells with objective clarity, DMIT goes one step further and circumvents the learning styles with confidence. Let, there be no more wrangling over the pursuits of career. Employee recruitment is as easy as waving a magical wand over your professional head. DMIT peeks into your so-called most-mysterious-machine thingy called brain too. The complicated brain functions that puzzles the big brainy neuro-geeks – gives, them at ease, the totality of soothing pleasure: it says it all – from understanding brain function to interpreting them.
How fantastic would it be if fake testimonials would readily be sublimed to being indoctrinated objective beliefs? Had it been all true! This falsified marketing propaganda has successfully hatched in countries with weak consumer rights policies or with root pro-consumer-hack policies.  

It’s all easier done than said, ironically. The process is simply very effortless that requires a couple of minutes. A fingerprint scanner, connected to a computer with a software, scans the prints of all fingers. The prints of all ten fingers and/or palm (depending on the software) are taken and recorded into the software. The acquired data is then sent to a Singapore based company - if at all, we should believe it; however, till then, there is nothing wrong with it. Within a couple of days, a 25-30 pages final report is generated. The further process is the ‘counseling’ of parents and their children regarding the analytical interpretation of the report. DMIT, too claims to come to use in employee recruitment by distinguishing ‘fit’ employees from the ‘unfit’ ones.

DMIT has been widely marketed by various NGOs and private companies in Nepal too. The product is marketed by Thumb rule Nepal Pvt. Ltd, one of the very first to bring this idea to the general public, and also a joint venture of Thumbrule Dermatoglyphics Pvt. Ltd, India or, as it claims, a joint venture of Singapore based company. Another company called BCL Nepal Pvt. Ltd. also claims, through its website, to have solely registered the patent of the methodology of this technique, in the US patent office. The test/training centres are in various parts of the country like Maharajgunj, Teku, Dharan, Nepalgunj and other parts of Nepal. 

On the one hand, dermatoglyphics is the real science which has its application in various fields of neurology, embryology, psychology, etc., but, on the other hand, DMIT is just a commercial spin off word for marketing a commercial product with falsified claims.  While dermatoglyphics has its limited use in diagnosing the abnormal functions of brain through the study of the fingerprint parameters like patterns, angles and formations; DMIT, however, is the amalgamation of dermatoglyphics and multiple intelligence theory into software, which has turned real science to make bogus claims. There is no scientific research by any universities or scientists to prove that DMIT works and is a real science. It is almost like a cake of palmistry developed into a software with a little bit of vanilla science on it! Unfortunately, it is just recording our fingerprints for other purposes that we are not being communicated to. If, at all, this thing is true, still there are no scientific evidences for it, not even a speck of it. With a quick search for words like “dermatoglyphics”, “DMIT” and other such words, only commercial websites of Asian based companies are seen. The gullible West: US, and Europe, have paid no or very little attention to this. This is because there are no legal and scientific back up for this method and their law might deem it as perpetrating a crime through falsification of bogus propaganda.

Furthermore, the parameters of fingerprint analysis also give a different picture than what is being conveyed. Parameters like AtD angle (angle between forefinger and pinky finger), whorls, arches and loops exhibit only abstract characteristics of human, rather than materialistic ones. Participants are categorized as cognitive learners, affective learners and such and such, based on AtD angle - those who have whorls are cognitive learners, AtD angles indicate effective or affective learners and so on. Again, these abstractions are all vague descriptions with no quantifiable and measureable attributes. They are merely of linguistic values, if at all. So, the test of ‘multiple intelligence in human’ is a function of brain electrophysiology rather than just fingerprints. Most of the marketing companies and their websites’ advertise in the vaguest way possible – “shaping the child’s future, knowing the inner abilities, pursuing a dream…” If you are a fan of it, bear it – it’s pseudoscience, and it is illegally perpetrating its ill motive too. There are several stories of people all over the internet which claim its truth, but they are just testimonials and not the evidence. It is analogous to saying that the person who has witnessed a murder happen is actually an eye witness and not the evidence herself. This is thus a pseudoscience: using a part of science but concluding with baseless results. Unless it is scientifically proven, it can be considered just as a faith like palmistry and even god.

There should be extensive investigation to show, if at all, the relationship exists between fingerprints and intelligence of a person. To the truth, intelligence is shaped by nurture, balanced diet, socio economic attributes, environmental factors, rather than it is discovered by the study of fingerprints. Intelligence has more to do with neural connections and pathways than it has to do with fingerprints. It has its own advantages, though. DMIT trivializes the now erect fact that every child is special and can excel in any field, provided that he/she invests enough time on it. Apparently, what DMIT is doing is crushing, stumping and squandering children based on pseudoscience; which otherwise, if incorporated in countries with strict consumer laws, would deem it illegal and people practicing these malpractices could be booked for marketing products that have unsubstantial fallacies. Well, you may try luck (whatever it means) if you want to – you never know what may come out of it, but, the cardinal fact is that decisions that are based on this test might affect what really your child can be of use, in the days to come. Try at your own risk!

Growing trend of selfie

Courtesy: THT


‘Selfie’-a word that reflects the love for capturing the person’s own body, beauty or looks. If we date it back to a decade, people would let someone click for them. A click would require so much effort that it would take several minutes to ‘correct’ the body posture. With the digitization of pictures, photos are now bits and bytes rather than albums. The digital cameras and handy cellphones brought up in the market  with higher picture clarity which they call megapixels, can hold thousands of pictures in a square inch area. This made people do multiple clicks, look at themselves for longer and finally get self-obsessed. The self-obsession in people is so huge that they like to capture themselves in almost every moment or way they want: in the pizza house , pub, party, picnic or even in trial rooms. Selfies growing in social networks are really annoying and reflect much of what we see as fantasies in movies or virtual world. Moreover, selfies require no assistance, are quick and helps people to keep their activities updated in real time.  The ‘want’ to click as many as you like and keep the best has led to  this scenario.




Against all waves, all storms, a DEJA-VU wannabe,
Approaching ahead with war of nerves;
Life stretches me, till the moon and sun, I had in me,

I, thereby, give up ma life and reincarnate,
So, I would be radically pleasured to be a bird;
 No sooner had mah feathers fall and no home to live in,

Recalled the prosperity of a doggy, in ma early tweeners ,
So, I would be faithful, I thought, to be the same;
No sooner I learnt how I cried as I make ‘em winners,
NEVA 2 LIV BUT DEFIED BY Almighty, the soul FAME….

I, therefore, decided 2 b a magnanimous “butter-flinch”,
So, would be delighted to be a neighbor of flower, door 2 door;
No sooner what stuck mah mind was pain when I get tied by 2 lil’ fingers,
Neva to be a slave ,I deserted the pain, I bore……

My variant life taught me the teachings of life span,
Upz and downz,we’ve 2 face,I wanted it all gone;
I wandered through all species, but felt pleased 2 b a man,

Chemical Burn

chemical burn
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The long awaited moment had finally begun to start. Amidst a cloudy search since decades for life on other planets, some smoke had just emerged out from our neighbor red planet i.e. searching for life in Mars with a deeper breath now. Recently, several confirmed reports from NASA robotic vehicles (called curiosity and opportunity) finally found water in Martian surface! The intelligent vehicle: curiosity, analyzed the soil samples heating in a specialized ‘oven’ at about 835 degree Celsius evaporating all the volatiles. On sensitive analysis of the volatiles, it was clarified that water molecules bound on other minerals were common in Mars. Now, they do have a approximate figure for you: About 2% of the Martian surface has water on it! With all the jargons going on in here let us do a bit preface on what’s been happening outside our home earth long since we understood space:

Preface on life on earth

About 7 major elements (C, H2, O2, N2, P, S) out of 26 make up life on earth. The occurrence of life needs some basic platforms for the biochemical cycles to produce chemical energy and hence sustain life. Liquid H2O is an inevitable factor for all basic biochemical reactions and energy generation mechanisms. Earth is (i) in a habitable zone from sun (ii) has a proper magnetic field and (iii) can sustain greenhouse effect for liquid H2O,hence , a living planet. (basic features)

Life elsewhere?

Life elsewhere- a phrase that challenges the current effort and technology as no such remarkable evidence has been traced either on moons or in interstellar space. The investigation, study and excavation of possible life on a planet depend upon its two major factors:
      (i)          Planet’s cosmological features-distance from its star, solar intensity etc
(ii)         Planet’s geological features-land form, geochemical cycles, heat preservation mechanisms etc.
If these features add-up to a habitable result, then a proper life form (primitive) can evolve.  Mars, a red planet, inside the solar system and many of the exoplanets (planets outer solar system ) like kepler22b, HD85512b etc. are the recent “feasible” candidates for a past or contemporary remnants of life forms.

Why Mars to search life for?

It has been an acute debate on whether Mars is holding planetary habitability for the evolution of living organisms. But an agreeable fact that most geologists and astrobiologists prefer is the presence of liquid H2O in its past history or in the present which is a precursor to life. While it’s still possible to seemingly believe that water doesn’t necessarily pose a problem in the transience of evolutionary life, however, it’s a better way to look for organic evolution (by which living organisms evolve).    The basic grounds for Mars exploration for life are its surface features which includes gullies, ocean beds, erosion signs, polar ice caps(of dry ice and frozen water), water belts, etc which are the suitable places for life evolvement.    Several theologies too suggest that life on Mars is possible. Similarly, the Drake’s equation (goggle it), our lone existence in the universe, existence of creatures like tardigrade or extremophiles which can survive in space too etc. suggest that we may not be alone so far what we’ve been thinking. Furthermore, the recent high definition images by MRO (Mars reconnaissance Orbiter) and MGS (Mars Global Surveyor) too add up to something very promising .

US government led projects and missions :

The US and other governments along with international agencies worldwide have launched various missions and projects to uncover the hidden. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) funded by the US government, does the task for it. It is currently working on the following major projects for the search of ET (extra-terrestrial) life forms.

(i)          Kepler spacecraft mission – efforts in search for planets being held in a habitable zone.

(ii)         Curiosity Rover – robotic deploy for exploring life on Mars
(iii)        Allen Array  (the “SETI” project and radio astronomy lab) – to search for signals from outer space, for life( the SETI project has been dormant due to the lack of funds)

Rovers : a crucial part of investigation

It is well evident that the current scientific approach and technological advancements are not smart enough to carry men to Mars. The climate on Mars, radiation, energy issues, mission success rates, departure flight plans etc. link up to a mere probability that human is currently seeing the red planet with his own eyes. So then there’s another solution: sending an automated or remote operated vehicle which can click the rock patterns, geological constraints and send back to earth, excavate and analyze the soil samples, search for liquid water, investigate seismic waves (current project), etc. Till now several Mars missions have deployed rovers and their communication counterparts of which many have failed with disastrous results. Some of them were : Mars 2,3,6 (USSR), Viking 1 and 2, pathfinder (sojourner), climate orbiter, polar lander, deep space 2, beagle 2, spirit, opportunity, phoenix and current mission rover curiosity. Among them opportunity and curiosity have been doing their best to send several bytes of information across space to Earth.

Recent Developments

The Viking orbiter images firstly showed that the Martian surface is streaky, steep and forms dark slopes (avalanche-like) terrains. More detailed images of dark slope streaks were reproduced by MRO and MGS spacecraft. It was then quite interesting debate to explain the role of water in the formation of those streaks, throughout the year. But, the thought was that there would have been an oceanic flush of water or river source in the past that flowed over the Martian surface. The actual root cause of the flow is still unknown. To the surprise again , in 2011, a journal was published that proposed a evidence based on MRO high resolution imaging techniques (called HiRISE) which indicated that the loose surface has occasional warm water flows (called Recurring slope Linnae: RSL) which faded and reappeared during winter and summer respectively. The article incorporated the thought and tedious task of a Nepalese undergraduate (then) LUJENDRA OJHA who had been in a team with Alfred McEwen, the principal investigator of MRO sensor, along with 6 other scientists. RSL, which too has no evidence of origin, is pool of brines (salty water) flowing through loose soil. Scientists are skeptical about the origin and the process of this seasonal flow which occurs prominently only in warm seasons. Now it is putting some light towards the scenario of Mars having some life forms in the past, at least some metres deep inside, where from these brines may have been originated. In my viewpoint, Mars may have a pool of water in its interior, trapped in non-porous bedrocks. The porous rocks on the surface and the interior might expand on summer extracting some brines on the surface reversing the process in the winter. (this is just what I believe in)                            Leave alone life in other exoplanets, life on Mars is still a debate and waiting for further conclusions. A concept which several scientists believe on, life on earth was not originated on earth; it was brought from Mars or maybe elsewhere in molecular or primitive form (panspermia). But this is too considered controversial  by the rest who debate that if there were life on exoplanets then they’d be so advanved compared to us that they’d already contact or colonize us.(Fermi-hart paradox) This suggests various reasons to make us believe that we’re alone in this universe.

The search for life in other planets continues. The search parameter is very large: in 1011 galaxies that we, with our contemporary science cannot explore much. Study on Martian surface is coming up with positive results till date. More highly successful missions in bringing back the soil samples and investigation on Earth labs is required. The concept of “Men on Mars” can be swapped with highly diligent robots that can be remotely sensed from earth. Still the most difficult task is to have a larger access to Martian surface. NASA is currently on a mission called InSight (Interior exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) which will send a geophysical lander to Mars to excavate and study its interior. This mission is not a life exploration mission but to understand and answer the fundamental concepts of formation of rocky planets like earth, Mars etc.  Maybe in the matter of couple of years, mission to Mars would be as casual as to Moon. While NASA has already announced the cancellations of its future moon missions, Mars would be our second home after we loose our Earth due to climate change, natural disaster, world war, viral pandemic or an alien attack. We never know !

Vis-à-vis with a scientist

Dr. Sameer Mani Dixit

“Vis-à-vis with a scientist”                           


 (You may not very often sit tête-à-tête with research scientist like DR. SAMEER MANI DIXIT, working in the field of public health and biotechnology in Nepal. He has been in the research field for quite a year. Currently, he is the country director for CMDN (Centre for Molecular Dynamics Nepal). He has diligently undertaken the research responsibilities for Intrepid Nepal Pvt. Ltd and has been closely associated with the Ministry of Health and Population and the WHO programs. I had a sneaky opportunity of interviewing with him)   


1.   Please tell us something about  your childhood and struggle days (if any)

 My childhood was normal, being raised in a good background and amongst famous names. I had my schooling at St. Xaviers, Jawalakhel and joined the College at St. Xaviers Campus, where I was the pioneer batch. Undergraduation was in USA and postgraduation was in Australia. I have double masters and PhD degrees.  

2.    How you got into this : challenges and significance of your work :

I got into Biotech as it was starting to come up as an important career choice for young people like me at the time. My father also suggested this field as he felt medicine would be merged and would act as a pre- requisite   for this field in the future. I liked the idea. 

3.   What do you specialize in :

 I specialize in biomedical research in public health which in turn, means; I focus on research requiring laboratory work, particularly in the areas of micro/immuno/molecular biology. 

4.   Your opinion in the field of public health research in Nepal :

 I think new researchers with new ideas are coming out; however, there is a major constraint in terms of funds for research by Nepali researchers in Nepal. Biomedical research requires more funds than other areas and therefore government as well as donors appears to seemingly put money where more work can be carried out with the same amount of funds. 

5.   Recently, you’d talked about Bio-piracy and its rootedness in under-developed countries. Could you please elaborate?

 Bio-piracy is the term I am using (not sure if others do too) which pretty much describes the process of human biological samples leaving the country at the pretext of research without the country profiting from the process in terms of capacity building of laboratories and institutions in the country. Usually scientists from developing countries exploit the lack of funds in Nepal to "buy" samples by providing "help" in accessing the samples for transport to their labs where they can carry out a number of other research activities without knowledge of research subject, Nepali researcher or Nepal Government.

6.   What is GARP;  its work and importance :

 GARP is Global Antibiotic Resistance Partnership. It is a Bill and Melinda Gates supported initiative led by US based Center for Disease Dynamics and Economic Policy (CDDEP). Currently this is taking place in 6 countries including Nepal as the latest country to be part of this. The program aims to mitigate the increasing antibiotic resistance evidence seen in developing countries due to antibiotic use, abuse and misuse. This will be done by evidence generation and policy document development to share with Government.    

7.   What say for those who want to take research as their mainstream dream?

It is a difficult road, but if you can hold on for a few years, there are plenty of exciting opportunities as well as earning money doing what you enjoy. You have to be smart, refrain from copying other people, and think of new ideas and concepts. If you have ideas, try to put them in action. Network and collaborate with like-minded people.  

8.   Your final words :

 Nepal needs young scientists to contribute to the country. There are hurdles, but there are plenty of examples of people doing wonderful things in the country. Don't wait for the ship to come to you. Go to the ship, no matter how hard it may feel at first. If you really want something bad enough, my experience shows that you can have it, provided you work hard for it. Motivation, Effort and Perseverance should be your weapons. Thanks. 

 Dr. Sameer Mani Dixit can be reached at This interview was taken b y Mr. Umesh Bajagain (sudip) on the basis of a conversation. He can be reached at )

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