Growing trend of selfie

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‘Selfie’-a word that reflects the love for capturing the person’s own body, beauty or looks. If we date it back to a decade, people would let someone click for them. A click would require so much effort that it would take several minutes to ‘correct’ the body posture. With the digitization of pictures, photos are now bits and bytes rather than albums. The digital cameras and handy cellphones brought up in the market  with higher picture clarity which they call megapixels, can hold thousands of pictures in a square inch area. This made people do multiple clicks, look at themselves for longer and finally get self-obsessed. The self-obsession in people is so huge that they like to capture themselves in almost every moment or way they want: in the pizza house , pub, party, picnic or even in trial rooms. Selfies growing in social networks are really annoying and reflect much of what we see as fantasies in movies or virtual world. Moreover, selfies require no assistance, are quick and helps people to keep their activities updated in real time.  The ‘want’ to click as many as you like and keep the best has led to  this scenario.

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