The story of a grasshopper



There lived a grasshopper named Lee and his beloved Sarah. She was his heart, his green, his sun, his cloud and his rain. They loved each other to their hearts. One night as they were hopping by, a heavy storm hit them bad. They had never seen such a dreadful night, though it was a less for him and more for her. They struggled as they had the fear lightened in their eyes by the sky flashes. Everything was falling apart for Lee, like nothing he had ever imagined bad would do this to him. He thought he would have his world beautify for her, just her. Maybe his dream had a shelter, to their ‘hope’, some dark shadowed cave showed their way to which they didn’t think twice of what might dwell inside. As they entered the cave, they were no longer with the early hope, at least for Lee, as they discovered that they were not alone. Alas! They short lived the dream of being safer. There the hostile companion laid upon who freed his vocal and croaked, “you seem to be a good companion to me.’ Lee, the hopper lowered his voice as he said, “We’re all in trouble, who knows who’ll live.” He looked through the cave and could see the hole therein to flee at hard times, he thought. And he put his hand around his beloved pulling her behind him as an effort to cuddle her. But the hostile didn’t seem to answer or respond. He could be heard of snoring and this let both of the greens make their foreheads meet. Lee and Sarah heavily breathed as if it was their last one. He kissed her. She smiled at him but didn’t have the strength of urging him to look upon her eyes for she too loved him beyond the stars at night. It was one night they’d remember and would like to forget maybe at the same instant.
                                It was no beautiful outside till. Darkness prevailed and rain flushed in the cave as it wanted to creep in their breaths. Lee just thought about her who was tightly blanketed around his back.  He seemed to care substantially for her. Hours passed by and they learnt it was no more just a dreadful night for them. Lee hurt his back and seemed to fall asleep to his beautiful dreams. He finally closed his eyes as some words swiftly fled his lips-“ I love you.” Sarah replied, ”Me too.” No sooner did her words hit his ears, he was off to his giant nap. Maybe the following night was not so happy for him. So, he preferred the other world to be with her.  Sarah continued to look at his face. It had the beautiful reflections of the water, inside which she could see the brightest moon. She couldn’t decide whether the moon was brighter the following night.
                                It was not going to end everything soon that night. She had to realize that now she was alone when the rain grudged and ramped as it was a giaour. Trees seem to go off their stands; flowers gave up and dived into it. Nothing was standing like a monolith. A strong hit of river killed the consciousness of Sarah and she too was in the same world Lee liked to share her with.
                It was next morning. Nothing was same again. Lee stood all by himself and saw no one around. It was another shock for him. He forbade himself to believe and pinched himself. He knew it was painful, at once.  Lee cried and cried. He just wanted to be with her again, He regretted last night’s dream and vowed never to dream again. But now he lived alone. In the witty and deserted land, he had his beloved far away. Time passed. Now it was like they had never seen each other for millions and millions of calendars. There were again rains, suns and clouds which now darkened his face every time they were closer; for he had the pretty picture of her in each of them, as they passed by. He kept on looking at the open canopy and thus years passed by. Lee now had grown older and older, weaker and weaker, dimmer and dimmer, paler and paler, less green as every time those shadows of clouds followed him. Finally, he died on a rainy day, the same day he once used to mesmerize her. His ashes are no greener now.
                                There he stood, in the way to heaven, still looking for her, with a question of which he wanted a ‘change’. He eyes were fixed back on earth. He still waited for her because she never heard him cry or maybe she didn’t want to. The wait was not long enough. Sarah came by smiling at him flowing with the rain and the trees and the flowers which gave him the flashback of the same night. Lee, heavy-heartedly tweeted,” I loved you so much and you left me all alone by myself.  I was so scared of the rain.” “I saw you all hills and falls”, he added as tears rolled down his cheeks. You cheated me. “And you’ll die hard the same way I died for you every day.” Sarah couldn’t say a word. She stood still and looked at Lee as much as she wanted. She just gave a heavy hug and cried,” I have dear. I have died every day for you and just you in heavens. I was waiting for you here as you kept on dreaming the very night long ago.
                She held him more tightly as she explained,” That night as you dreamt in the beautiful world of yours, I was there all alone with the snoring Bull. I had been unconscious till a flash woke me up. I could hear someone croak close by. “Possibly he was thirsty of our blood that he waited till I woke up”, I thought. But to my surprise, I could see the same fear on the Bull’s face as mine. It was chattering of the trees which were crying as the river from the sky hit them hard. I summoned my heart and it quietly replied,” HE isn’t going to eat you up. He is too with the trees.” The Bull finally groaned,” Are you waiting for me to eat you up? Let’s climb and save us.” He was in a hurry to get rid of the disaster. So, he jumped towards the hole. Without a second thought, I tried hard to wake you up but you didn’t seem to cope. It was getting too late and wet too. I was to confront you the reality but all in vain. Seeing this go on, the Bull gave me his “helping” hands. I looked at your face and instead handed you to him whom he didn’t like to do much to, plausibly. But he pulled you at last and I helped him from behind. I could feel you heavily dreaming as I pushed you up. Lee, by this moment, couldn’t stop weeping hard on Sarah’s shoulders. “Then…..” she continued with a shivering face, ”It was me whom he was reaching next.As he waved his hands towards me, I tried to get myself free. I was dying to be with you. But the more I leaned forward to reach his hands, I could feel myself go far away from him. I was carried away by those trees and flowers which already had given up struggling with the downpour.  Our hostile companion slightly nodded and added a drop which flowed towards me. By the time it reached me, I had gone far away from you.

                Lee could just regretfully hold her tightly and sweep his tears along with the rain which, however, this time didn’t seem to separate them apart. They “happily ” lived ever after.


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