A short story with a morale


Once there was a duck that used to lay down the stream. He was happy and moving. It was prosperous spring and everything had a sweet tone to him. Days went by and it was no sooner time for dilute pour downs hither and thither, the summer. There, soon lots of water flowed bewildering in his home. He struggled against it and finally got to the shore. He had now an awful feeling of the water. He hesitatingly said, “Gosh! How did I love water?" Then, few days passed by. He was seeing the rest of the ducks in the water being taken at every nooks and corners and too being stricken and beaten. But, to his surprise, in-spite of that, they were very happy.

At last, he lowered his eyebrows, waved to his friends and got back to water. He thought, “My home is my home, where at least I’m not alone"


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