Nice love story


Richard was 19 almost. He was intelligent and smart too. Every one loved him. Not only because
he was loveable but also because he suffered from cancer. Cancer, an undesirable and evil
disease that can’t be treated. Richard was just a guest for few months. No one knew what might happen in any time. His mother took care a lot. Anyway she was a mother. Every mother loves her child. Richard never used to go out from home; he always used to be with his mother. Used to pass time watching television, playing videogames, and so on. He always admired to go out of home and wanted to see the out world. He use to wonder how’s the life out home? How the environment is out home? How the people? And so on. One day, he asked permission to go out home and so mother gave. He was walking through pavement wondering the city. He passed through many shops. Suddenly, his glance went on a girl sitting in reception in a big audio parlor. He saw her and begins looking at her as she did too. They were looking each other as a crazy. It seemed as is they knew each other since lives. He went into the shop and approached near by the girl. “May I help you?” asked the girl. Ummmm!! Oh! Ya!! Hmmmmm!!! Noep!! Ammmmm!! He was nervous. “Oh! Yes I need a cd.” Said Richard. She smiled with gentle charm on her face and  said “Which one? Ammm!! I mean whose record?” “Hmmm! Lobo.” “Which album?” she asked. “Any” he replied. She picked a record of Lobo and went back door and  came out with cd packed. He began to like that girl and started to go there every day. He brought a cd everyday. But didn’t even open the pack. Every day the girl picked the cd she liked and went backdoor and came out with cd packed. One day, when the girl went back door, he left a piece of paper below money where he wrote his phone number and his name and came back home taking cd. Rinnnnngggggg!! Rinnnnnngggggg!! Telephone buzzed. Hello said mother. “May I talk to Richard please?” Than his mother started crying. She wept till her eyes dry and said, “He passed away yesterday.” And kept the receiver. The next day as Richard’s remembrance bothered her a lot; she went his room and started watching his cloths, shoes, etc. As she opened cupboard she found packs of cds along with many pills/medicines. She opened one by one. As she opened the first, there was a piece of paper. It said, “You are cute. Do you wanna friendship with me?” The other piece of paper said, “Hey! You are really cute. You know, you really impressed me.” The other said, “Why aren’t you replying me? You know, I am gone crazy ‘bout you. And I think I am gonna love you.” And all the rest said:
“I love you.”

- by Kirat Kyhalbu Gurung

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